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About Video i

Simply put – there is no other show like video i in the country. Video i is one of the few venues where the masses can see and hear the works of independent filmmakers. Film festivals do a remarkable job, but not everyone can get out to see all of those events. video i basically takes the concept of the film festival and brings it to your living room. What I love most is that PBS isn’t bound by corporate interests, and doesn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator. So if there’s a film on how children are being exploited for labor in coffee plantations, we’ll show it without fear of coffee franchise retaliation. While HBO might reject a documentary on rooster fighting because they’re afraid of PETA, we’ll show it to increase awareness that this barbaric practice still takes place. While the other channels will show the same old sitcom reruns or reality shows exploiting jobless actors, we’ll bring you unique comedies with off-the-wall sense of humor (and no laugh tracks!) While nearly all of the networks bring you a homogenous voice on the war in Iraq because they’re limited to staying in the Pentagon reporting pool, we’ll look for stories from the region that come out of that box. Video i turns the notion of passive viewer upside down. Why? Because these films and documentaries not only educate or entertain, they might inspire you to take up a cause you have never even heard of before. Be sure to check out my journal for weekly updates on the show, and if you have any comments, go to the contact link and drop me a line.

Video i airs on Monday nights at 10pm on channel 54 if you don't have cable, and channel 10 if you do have cable.

Submissions to Video I

For updates on video i, check out the KTEH website at www.kteh.org. You will find information on video i under the “productions link”. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker and want your film seen by viewers all over the Bay Area and beyond (we’re talking North Bay, South Bay, East Bay, the Peninsula, and Monterey county), send your films to:

Video I
KTEH (attention production department)
1585 Schallenberger Road
San Jose, CA 95131

The films are reviewed by a panel before the final selections. KTEH staff will contact you if your film is chosen for air. Hopefully from there you’ll be invited to show your film at fabulous film festivals all over the world (which is very common for our featured filmmakers). Make sure you send us postcards, or better yet if they send you to Cannes take us with you!

The Film Festivals

Below I have listed the film festivals we regularly cover for the show. Of course if you do have the time I highly recommend attending these festivals as well, where you can see not only character driven films and cutting edge effects, but documentaries that tell important stories that somehow fall under the radar.

Cinequest Film Festival www.Cinequest.org

San Francisco International Film festival http://www.sffs.org

United Nations Association Film Festival www.unaff.org

Arab Film Festival www.aff.org

San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival www.Naatanet.org

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival www.sfjff.org

California Independent Film festival www.caindiefest.com/home.htm

Frameline www.frameline.org/festival

Ladyfest Film festival www.Ladyfest.org

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